At BWPS we understand the impact that home improvements can have on your family, so we always do our utmost to minimise stress for our clients Strict quality procedures on all jobs ensure that your wants and needs are paramount from day one through to completion:

Our Works Manager will visit you to discuss your project and provide a detailed and accurate quote within two days.

We keep detailed paperwork and appoint a job supervisor to ensure that every element of the job meets your specifications and our highest standards of quality, as well as remaining on time and budget.

Regular inspections from the Works Manager reinforce our quality assurance procedures throughout the job, from special preparations to a spotless clean up.

We know that home decorating is all about looks. We can match colours across the whole spectrum to any theme, and we’re happy to provide the samples of colours and finishes you need to make the right decision. Our lines,colours and finishes are always immaculate and we work with you to get the look you want, while still ensuring you’re using a product that will last and look good for years to come.

Not only do we provide a painting service but also a wallpapering service and we are applicators of 3D board

If you have a feature such as a bench top, front door you would like to stand out or maybe a special piece of furniture that needs to be revitalised our qualified spray booth operators can ad that wow factor with a huge palate of colours, metallics and special effect to choose from we know you’ll have a special piece that will make every one ecstatic. The beauty of it is that we can spray almost anything. We provide you with initial advice and tools to keep your paint job looking as good as new in all conditions, but if everyday wear and tear does take its toll, we’re a local Territory company, so all the help and advice you need is only a phone call away, whether it’s weeks, months or years after the job’s done.