There is no doubt that the beauty and majesty of the Northern Territory comes with its own set of unique and sometimes challenging conditions, but through years of trying and testing, we know what’s needed to stand up to the Territory’s harsh environment. The secret to keeping an immaculate paint job in the Northern Territory is not just in the products you use, but how you use them. Many manufacturers’ instructions for preparation and application are based on standard southern climates, which may mean a few extra steps in the Territory.

Preventing mould in your paint job
Contrary to popular belief, it’s not true that you can’t stop your paint job from going mouldy in the tropics, but some extra care or preparation may be needed to prevent it, and BWPDS has the experience and knowhow to deliver this. In areas particularly vulnerable to dampness, products like Dulux Mouldshield are used for extra assurance. Sure it may cost a little more, which is why we don’t use it unless absolutely necessary, but with results that can turn a two year paint job life into ten years, it’s money well spent. We will take you through what special care is needed to protect your paint job once completed, and give you some handy hints and tips to prevent mould throughout the home. For example, did you know that mould generally thrives on the bacteria transferred through the natural oils on our skin? This is why we tend to see it develop around door handles and other ‘high traffic’ areas.

Wet Season
Bill Warren Painting  and Decorating Services really understands the different conditions of the wet and dry seasons in the Top End, and we have adjusted our range of products and services to deal with the conditions. This may mean longer drying times in humidity or flexible scheduling for rain, but chances are BWPDS can complete your job in the wet just as well as the dry, no matter what it is. The Arden Spray Booth adds a whole new dimension to what BWPDS can do for you. Because it operates in the workshop all year round, just about anything moveable can be painted here even when it’s wet outside. As the wet is generally a much quieter time, there are usually more painters available, which means that your project can start sooner and finish sooner!